An ode to Vet Techs!

October is RVT month

We’ve always celebrated RVT/Vet Tech Month, here at LVAH. If you’re one of our pet parents or caregivers, you know why: Vet techs are crucial to a thriving veterinary clinic, both for their clinical knowledge and expertise and also for their genuine love and affection for the pets we look after.

Renata and Frankie are the best RVTs in the world

Whether you’re a new or longtime visitor to LVAH, you probably know Renata and Frankie, our very own RVTs. They can be found assisting with surgeries, helping examine animals, or, let’s face it, giving some extra TLC to a pet who needs it. We love our vet techs!

This month, a personal message from Dr Ellen:

“I can honestly say that a significant reason why I am the kind of veterinarian I proudly become is the amazing technicians I Have had the pleasure of working with over the years. When I was a baby vet starting in ER, I was guided by so many talented and skilled technicians who helped me when I was brand new and inexperienced. My experiences with these wonderful people have really helped to create the veterinarian I am proud to be today.

A registered veterinary technician learns so much in their school program including anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, anesthesia, radiology They graduate with so much skill and knowledge like a human nurse. The difference though, is that their skill set remains broad and encompassing. They carry so many hats, including that of giving such incredible TLC to your fur babies – I promise you that.

Today, the fantastic care your pet receives with us is so much due our really wonderful and fantastic technicians, Renata and Frankie. I can’t even begin to tell you important they are to your pet’s care with us. You don’t always get the chance to speak with them but please know they are an integral part of your pet’s healthcare team.

I am so very proud to work alongside these talented, intelligent and caring ladies every day.”

And who could say it better than that? Thank you to Renata, Frankie and all the other RVTs who are out there making a difference.